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Welcome to the first of our Development Updates for 2018.  It certainly looks like any time off for the development teams at Just Flight and Just Trains will be at a premium this year as things just get busier and busier.  All good news for you of course!

It’s certainly been an eventful start to the year for our in-house development team, with the release of three GA aircraft since our last development update – the PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV and PA-28-161 Warrior II for X-Plane 11 and the C152 for FSX/P3D (a demo is now available via the product page, if you’d like to try the C152 before buying.

X-Plane 11 receives regular updates from Laminar Research, providing new features and content, with a recent focus on improving support for virtual reality. Our range of PA-28s (Arrow, Turbo Arrow and Warrior) received significant updates in mid-March to take advantage of the features offered by the latest version of X-Plane. 

Looking ahead to the next few months, we have two more aircraft coming to X-Plane 11. The TB-10 Tobago & TB-20 Trinidad will be our next GA release, followed by our first military jet aircraft for the platform – the Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer. More information on these aircraft can be found below. We recently announced that the C152 will follow the Hawk into X-Plane and we will update you on that product in the coming weeks.

Away from the aircraft hangar we are excited about the upcoming release of Traffic Global, the latest version of our popular AI traffic series. Our in-house team have been busy developing the product for over a year, building over 50 new aircraft models and creating a brand-new set of tools for managing your AI traffic.

We always enjoy escaping the office and getting an opportunity to speak directly to our customers, and this year a few members of Just Flight team will be attending the FlightSimExpo in Las Vegas on June 9th & 10th, where we will be demoing a range of upcoming products for FSX/P3D and X-Plane 11. We'll be on stand 118 and hope to see some of you there!


The conversion of the TB-10 Tobago & TB-20 Trinidad from FSX to X-Plane is well under way and a collection of screenshots is now available on the In Development section of our website, showing the animated model complete with PBR materials which considerably enhance the visual fidelity of the aircraft.

These aircraft will offer the perfect step up in performance and capability from our existing PA-28s, with a range of modern IFR-capable avionics, cruise speeds of up to 150 knots with a service ceiling of 20,000ft and a range of up to 1100nm.

We will be posting new screenshots as we progress through the latter stages of development and testing.

TB-10 & TB-20 Trinidad


Following on from the TB-10 and TB-20, the Hawk T1 will be our first non-GA aircraft for the X-Plane 11 platform. This jet trainer is probably best known around the world for its role in the RAF’s Red Arrows display team, and its superb handling characteristics and relative simplicity make it well suited to virtual pilots of any experience level.

The Hawk is currently being animated and coded, and we recently posted some new screenshots which show off just how realistic the aircraft looks in X-Plane 11 with its excellent lighting system and PBR materials.

Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer for X-Plane 11


Returning to the world of FSX and P3D, since our last development update we have made great progress with our Avro Vulcan B Mk2. The exterior model is now complete and textured, with a large collection of screenshots now available on our website showcasing the incredible level of detail and realism that we have been able to achieve following hands-on research with XM655.

Work on the cockpit has been under way for several weeks and we are really pleased with the results so far, with high-resolution imagery of the real aircraft allowing us to accurately reproduce the worn and vintage feel of the cockpit panels.

Avro Vulcan B Mk2


As Traffic Global moves closer to its release, the development team have been busy getting the brand-new AI fleet of over 50 aircraft types ready for service, with a recent focus on night lighting and effects – no small task when over 1,000 liveries are included!

In addition to an entirely new set of tools, Traffic Global uses the latest schedules and airline liveries to provide you with highly realistic AI traffic for FSX and P3D, from the humble S340 to the mighty A380, and the classic A300 to the latest A350!

Traffic Global


Continuing with our range of classic airliners, the Caravelle for FSX and P3D is on track for a release later this year. The product will focus on the best-selling variant of the aircraft, the Caravelle III, which was flown by airlines such as Air France, SAS and Alitalia.

This sleek French airliner is being developed by the team behind our VC10. Work on the exterior model is progressing well and the testing process will begin shortly. Early renders of the exterior are now available on our website.

Sud Aviation Caravelle III


Our in-house development team always strive to produce aircraft with as much realism as possible, right down to the unique wear and tear found in individual aircraft. To help us achieve this level of accuracy we carry out research trips to a variety of museums, airfields and private collections to extensively photograph the real-world aircraft.

Our most recent research trip was to the de Havilland Aircraft Museum, home to a superb collection of aircraft including the Comet, 146, Trident and Mosquito. The museum team kindly provided us with access to their 146-100, allowing us to photograph every detail of this iconic British airliner.

The Just Trains crew are busy working hard on several projects as spring is starting to arrive! Valley Corridor Route now has its name confirmed and the software development is nearly complete as we carry out route proving and scenario testing on it. The London-Aylesbury route’s software is nearly complete. The London Underground S8 Tube train is making good progress with the driver cab now complete. The S8 will be able to be driven on any 4th rail route. And the great news on Cornish Main Line is that its development is once again in full flow and progressing very well! 

In other news Dovetail Games have released a version of Train Sim World (TSW) to drive on the Xbox One. TSW Founders Edition is based on the Train Sim World Paddington to Reading route. For TSW on the PC we are still awaiting the Software Development Kit to allow us to explore development for this good looking simulation, however a new piece of DLC is available for it, Northeast Corridor New York which brings to life the experience of driving passenger and freight trains on the Northeast Corridor in New York. Transport passengers in the state-of-the-art Amtrak ACS-64 and serve the city in the CSX GP38-2 freight locomotive in and around New York.


Valley Corridor is now really looking atmospheric with the route taking you between two busy cities, both sitting on plains stretching up into steep mountain sides where the track runs on the side of sheer drops! The route has 17 stations which all vary in character and layout.

There are several large freight yards to cope with the various industries along the route. You can run express passengers trains or be a freight dog and run the slower freight trains, but whatever you decide to drive be prepared for some outstanding views!


Valley Corridor Route



The highly anticipated London-Aylesbury route is nearing completion. The focus is currently on creating the manual, writing product specifications and taking screenshots.

The route runs north-west from London Marylebone to Aylesbury Vale Parkway in the quiet countryside of Buckinghamshire. Along the London to Amersham section of the route, some of the track is shared by Diesel Multiple Units and London Underground S8 trains. Although not part of the London-Aylesbury route, we have included the London Underground Metropolitan line where it runs beside and on the same track as London-Aylesbury.

We have included an AI (Artificial Intelligence) S8 train (no cab or passenger view with HUD controls) that you can drive on the Met line part of the route. The Met part is signalled with LU signalling.

London-Aylesbury will be available as an add-on for the Chiltern Main Line and also as a stand-alone route that does not require Chiltern Main line to be installed.


London to Aylesbury




The response to our announcement of the “full sized” London Underground S8 has been amazing and we are really pleased to be able to be able to bring this to Train Simulator.

The external model is basically complete aside from some minor additions. The driver's cab is complete and is now being tested. Work has started on the passenger cabin model. The scripting and dynamic coding that controls the systems, cab controls, indications  and how the train drives are under way.

We have sound recordings of the real thing and the creation of the sound set will take place in the near future.  The S8 is used on 4th rail routes however we have included a switcher utility to enable it to be driven on 3rd rail routes as well.  More news to follow soon on this one.

London Underground S8 Stock




The Cornish Main Line route is now moving forward at a good pace. The track and signalling are basically complete, as is the majority of the landscape contouring. Creation of the stations and distinctive bridges, buildings and landmarks is well under way. The Royal Albert Bridge is looking amazing! Good progress is also being made on the detailing of the lineside of the route.

Due to be available as an add-on for Western Mainlines that has South Devon Main Line installed, the addition of Cornish Main Line will enable you to run all the way from London Paddington down to Penzance. Cornish Main Line will also be available as a stand-alone route for Train Simulator with no need for Western Mainlines and South Devon installed.

Cornish Main Line

Remember you can visit the In Development sections of the Just Flight &Just Trains websites where new products are announced and screenshots and product details are added to the pages on a regular basis.

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