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4Ground brings The Legends Of Fabled Realms to UK Games Expo.

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The Legends Of Fabled Realms is a fantasy skirmish game for two players with 5-30 miniatures.

You take command of a Warband in the 3rd Druggoi Incursion, fighting against your opponent’s Warband. The war is shrouded in secrecy and Mercenaries, the Eightfold Path and the State Of Mordanburg are using the coming war to bring about their own goals.

Check-out stand D9 on 4Ground Avenue to try a demo of the game before the Kickstarter (coming 30th of June) and what plans we have for the game post launch.

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4Ground brings great discounts on its products to UK Games Expo

Spend £50.00 or more and get 10% discount 
Spend £150.00 or more and get 20% discount

Also, each person that spends over £50.00 (after discount) will receive a ticket to enter our £250.00 customer reward draw per £50 spent.

Come to stand D9 on 4Ground Avenue to find out more. Don’t forget if we do not have it in stock you can order it from our stand to still receive these great show discounts.

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4Ground Brings new ranges to UK Games Expo including;

Fyrburgh Fort, this massive set covers 3’x2’ of table area allowing you to fight out fantasy sieges.

Our Home Land Appocalypse range will be with us including our new playpark and ranch style buildings, perfect if you are intending to fight the zombie hordes or survive a nuclear fallout. The first-floor add-ons to the mighty Twin Peaks Shopping Mall.

4Grounds new range of Bushido buildings, The Jwar Isles, will also be with us. These official buildings for Bushido have been made in conjunction with GCT Studios and will be perfect for your games of Bushido.

Find out more at stand D9 on 4Ground Avenue



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