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Exodus An Interstellar PATHWAYS (C) Adventure”.

Game Time 30 –60 minutes   1-6 Players  $39.95 AUD / $34.99 USD  3 Decks  136 cards   Ages 7+

A new choose your own adventure game based in the Xenohunters universe.

Campaign with your friends through each mission to unlock the secrets of the Xenohunters universe. Where did these mutative effects come from? How could an alien outbreak such as this spread so quickly? Is there something more sinister behind their sudden appearance? ... do your team know more than they say?

Play as desert-world pioneers to bioengineered commandos. Exodus has a huge number of story options to explore again and again.

Explore different parts of the story at the same time as other players, then come back together with different experiences, items, and stories. This makes a PATHWAYS game uniquely different from other choose you own adventures.

Each storyline has a huge permanent impact on the galaxy. In fact, each storyline ending, For those that don’t end in fiery death, will soon have its own PATHWAYS game that continues that storyline!

As you flee oppressive industrial world gangsters or as you defend the colonies on the frontier. Want to transform into a super soldier with unique bioaugmentations? Then choose to fight a war you didn’t start, this game is full of action!

Jack Ford Morgan (Creative Director)

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