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Greetings Critters,

Thank you for your incredible support and patience in these crazy times. We are extremely excited to announce that the translations for our French and German translations of Everdell are complete, and the factory is moving into pre-production and production in the following months!

We have received quite a few questions which we hope to clarify in this post. First, there were many errors with the German and French Standard Editions that were released at Spiel. As a result, we contacted multiple parties to update and verify the translations and layout. Coordinating with multiple parties, clarifying rules and content, properly formatting files, and many other details took significantly longer than initially anticipated. Moreover, the set-backs early this year due to the pandemic caused work on this to slow since several of our partners were not working at full capacity.

We are working with Pegasus (in Germany) and Surfin’ Meeple (in France) for widespread distribution. However, Pegasus and Surfin’ Meeple will be selling only the Standard Editions of the translated games, and they will be released after campaign fulfillment. All of you will be the first to receive the Collector’s Editions. After this campaign has fulfilled, it should become available in our Amazon stores.

And here's a message from our CEO:

“I apologize for the delay in translation of the French and German editions of Everdell. We did release a limited first printing of Everdell in German and French at Spiel 2019. We took the feedback from local players and partners into account in the translation update process (as well as the translation of the Pearlbrook expansion). Our caution from this experience resulted in us engaging in many more levels of proofing with our local partners for the French and German versions. While this will not result in a perfect product, we are striving to incorporate the feedback from all our partners to provide the most polished version we can. That has resulted in delays that are longer than we like. I understand the frustration of backers in the delays, especially layered on top of the stress we are all under given the state of the world today.

Currently, we hope to deliver the French and German bundles in Q4 of this year, and we will provide a more specific update once we have reviewed physical samples.

For non-French and German backers:

If you receive your package and anything is missing or damaged, please use our replacement form,, and our support team will be able to help you out! If you have questions about your shipment status, please email us at Support@Starling.Games.

Once again, thank you all for helping us bring Spirecrest and Bellfaire to life!

-- Charlotte & The Starling Games Team


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