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Russian player Kabzon wins European Summoners War Championship at sold-out Paris tournament

Berlin, October 9th 2017 - The Summoners War World Arena Championship 2017 crowned its European champion on Saturday. Russian player Kabzon won the title in front of a crowd of more than 1,000 people on-site in Paris, with over 16,000 concurrent viewers on the live-stream. He defeated German player Thánh-Đỏ5* in a very tense best-of-five, winning three out of five battles. Both players will now progress to the world finals in Los Angeles on November 25, with a shot at the world title and a total of 50,000 USD in prize money.

The tournament’s results can be seen on It was streamed live in English, Italian, Russian, French and German with hosts that are well known inside the Summoners War community. English casters IslandGrown and ShreddedPuzzle traveled from Hawaii and Pakistan to cover the event. Argentum and Defoliation covered the event for Russian viewers and made this the most watched stream on Russian social network during the day. From Italy, DoubleDamage and ItalianSummonersWar covered the event, while German streamers Robbe and CapCaro provided seven hours of German language stream. On-site, the French streamers Mana and Sheisou provided commentary, while Jiraya took over hosting duty on stage.

A total of six players from Germany, three from France and three from The Netherlands, as well as one each from Switzerland, Italy, Sweden and Russia competed at the tournament. The two replacement players l♡C☆M2US from Germany and AV][Meliodas from Belgium also got to compete in an exhibition match. l♡C☆M2US won the match, and by doing so also won a coveted Archangel figurine for a lucky supporter from the audience.   

The Summoners War World Arena Championship 2017 in Paris was held at „Le Comedia“, an old theater in the heart of Paris. Admission for spectators was free, and the event sold out days before the show.

The whole tournament was streamed live in five languages and can still be watched online:

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The tournament in Paris was one of nine local events in the 2017 Summoners War World Arena Championship. On the same day, the Tokyo and New York tournaments were also played out. The prize pool across all tournaments is $100.000 USD, $50.000 of which are reserved for the grand final in Los Angeles on November 25 in the Microsoft Theater.

Summoners War recently celebrated it’s three-year-birthday, while also hitting the significant $1 billion USD lifetime revenue milestone in August. More than 80 million players worldwide have downloaded the game.

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