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Chatham, Kent – 13 March The Season Pass for Euro Fishing has ended but that doesn’t mean the fishing action is over! Dovetail Games has announced The Moat, the forthcoming add-on that continues the studio’s thriving post-release support for Euro Fishing.

The Moat takes place in the waters surrounding a historic Welsh castle, adding dramatic Instagram-ready backgrounds for all your catch shots. You’ll get the chance to pull some enormous catches from the 10-acre lake too, with Carp and Catfish up to 55lbs among the many challenging fish prowling its waters.

There are 11 different species of fish to be caught in The Moat, including the brand-new species of fish Rudd, which can be caught in Euro Fishing for the first time ever. Along with 19 new boss fish and 10 new trophies to unlock, it’s another huge helping of content for Euro Fishing fans, adding yet another stunning venue for anglers to enjoy.

“We’re thrilled that we can support our growing fanbase by offering yet more content for Euro Fishing players,” said Mark Greenway, Euro Fishing Director at Dovetail Games. “The Moat is our most striking release to date and it will definitely get fans talking. We’re really looking forward to some of the screenshots and videos our community captures for this release!”

Dovetail Games in partnership with Maximum Games have today launched Euro Fishing Collector’s Edition, offering the definitive version of the game for a low price that will reel in all fishing fans.

Available as a boxed copy for the first time, this bumper package brings back the original five venues of Euro Fishing and adds three brand new lakes. From the gritty urban fishing of Foundry Dock to the iconic Manor Farm Lake to the gorgeous log cabin of Lac D’Or, these three new lakes all bring something unique to Euro Fishing.

Each lake also has its own achievements and boss fish to catch, adding fresh and exciting challenges whatever your skill level is.

Fishing fans can also look forward to playing the best version of Euro Fishing to date, with updated tutorials, improved water visuals, new lines, new bait and much more!

Euro Fishing Collector’s Edition is out now on PS4 and Xbox One for £29.99 


Go Fish!

This Euro Fishing: Urban Edition includes not just Euro Fishing and its five unique and stunning European venues but also the first city-based Add-On – Foundry Dock.

By purchasing this Urban Edition you will get

Whether you’re a fishing beginner or angling pro, the Euro Fishing Urban Edition accurately and authentically replicates the feeling of actual fishing, using our unique physics-based casting and reeling system. Get out and fish!

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