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Ghenos to release Italian Edition of Escape the Dark Castle in 2019.

The game will be fully translated for the Italian market and produced to the same high standard of quality as the English edition, bringing ‘the game of atmospheric adventure’ to a whole new audience.

Alfredo Genovese, Owner & Catalogue Manager at Ghenos, had this to say: ”We immediately identified the potential of Escape the Dark Castle, the best cooperative board-game of the last five years. We have known Thomas for years and we are sure his talent will lead to many more great games in the near future. That’s why we want to be his partner in Italy”.   

Thomas Pike, Managing Director and Game Designer at Themeborne said, “As Escape the Dark Castle goes from strength to strength, we’re delighted to announce our plans to produce an Italian Edition - hopefully the first of many translations. Ghenos have a strong track record in handling this kind of project and we feel they are the perfect partner to help us bring our unique brand of atmospheric adventure to Italian-speaking gamers.

About Ghenos

Ghenos is an Italian games publisher with a catalogue of 30 games, and a distributor of Italian-translations to a network of hundreds of retailers. They occupy a prominent position in the Italian market, attending some 30 consumer shows each year.






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