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Fulfilment Almost Complete

The distribution hubs have submitted their reports! All hubs have shipped everything... except VFI. 

VFI's delay was expected because of the Covid lockdowns. If you are a backer in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea or New Zealand, the remaining packages were scheduled to be sent this week. As soon as we get the tracking numbers, we will upload them to the Hive Pledge Manager.

There are also two packages stuck in transit because they are making their way to remote or restricted shipping locations; but otherwise, everyone should have access to tracking information in the Hive Pledge Manager or their rewards in hand!

If you are not in one of the countries listed above and have not received your pledge, please open a Support Ticket in the Hive Pledge Manager.

What's Next?

Many of you have been asking for those hard to find Dwar7s expansions.  We have good news!

Much like the Dwar7s Lost Tribes expansion, we are planning a new Kickstarter to help you complete your collection. Make sure to follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram, to get the latest news and teasers!

Not sure what you're missing?

Check out the image below to see the complete Dwar7s game series, up to the Lost Tribes Expansion.


What about Dwar7s Summer?

It's in the works! Luis brought an early version to Origins Game Fair for the team to play test... THEY LOVED IT.

Dwar7s Summer Play Test Session (not final production or art)

 Summer is almost here... literally... in Halifax at least!


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