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Prepare to drop deeper with an epic expansion to the premier "drop-style" tabletop game. Then complete your story with Tavern Tales!


Dungeon Drop is back... "deeper" than ever!
Dropped Too Deep is an epic expansion to the award-winning tabletop game, Dungeon Drop. Face new challenges as you and your brave companions dive deeper and deeper into the dungeon. Unspeakable (yet remarkably adorable) denizens have emerged from the depths, but it is whispered that fragments of the great relic are among them. Will you take up your sword once again and meet the horrors that await you? This expansion features 8 huge monsters, new cubes and tokens, and an all-new coop mode!

Introducing a completely standalone game in the Dungeon Drop universe, Tavern Tales!
Following your perilous drop into the dungeon, you are called home to the Traveler's Tavern for some warm Gingerbrew and an evening of heroic tales shared with the local rabble. Complete your Dungeon Drop story with Tavern Tales, as you and your companions compare mighty deeds in a strategic game of boasting and one-upmanship! In this raucous card game of set collection and subtle bluffing, 3 to 5 heroes scheme their way to becoming the most renowned hero of epic legends!

New to Dungeon Drop? No problem!
The Kickstarter offers 2 great ways to get in on the action. If you're on a tight budget, you can simply back one of the $16 tiers, and then add the Dungeon Drop Retail edition as an add-on for another $16. Alternatively, the "all-in deluxe tier" offers the original Kickstarter Deluxe version of Dungeon Drop, the Dropped Too Deep expansion, Tavern Tales, and the complete "Dungeon Superstructure" at a massive savings! There is a limited supply of this tier, so act quickly.












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