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New Track, New Challenges. DRIFT21 Gets New Content Update Today  

First update released in the development roadmap of 505 Games’ new racing simulation game 


Milan, Italy – May 22nd 2020: Global publisher 505 Games and developer ECC Games S.A. today announced that the first content update for the drifting simulation game DRIFT21 will go live today. 

Released on the Steam Early Access program on May 7th, DRIFT21 puts you behind the wheel of your very own drift racing car as you take on Japan’s legendary EBISU circuits. Choose from a range of fully licensed cars and fine tune your dream drifting machine right down to the smallest engine parts to gain every advantage when on the track. 

The team at ECC Games S.A have been busy working with on the development roadmap for the Early Access release of DRIFT21 to ensure a constant flow of quality content being added to this exciting racing sim. Most importantly, they are working closely with the valuable feedback collected from the community to further enhance the gameplay experience for all players. 

As well as fixes and gameplay enhancements, today’s content update also adds a brand new track to test both your tuned up race machine and your drifting skills. The EBISU North track is located at the highest point of the entire EBISU complex and will add a whole new proving ground for you and your fellow drift racers as you take on the all new track challenges. Master this track and earn major kudos from your rivals on the EBISU circuit.

Check out a short video flyby of the EBISU North track here: PEGI / ESRB

ECC Games S.A will be adding more exciting in-game content, enhancements and fixes over the coming weeks during the Early Access release of DRIFT21. 

DRIFT21 is available to purchase on the Steam Early Access program now for $24.99/£22.49/€24.99.

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