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The air suddenly thickened with the scent of sweetness and the mysterious melody vibrating in the ears. A huge, colorful tent was built in the blink of an eye on the market square of a small town. The circus invites you inside, revealing its secrets... Dreadful Circus is a fast, strategic card game in which you will become the director of a spectacle full of quirks and absurdities, as dark as the deepest recesses of the human imagination!

Invest in one-off, quick-profit Performance or bet on long-term Attractions. You can get both of them in no other way than through bidding and tough negotiations with other players. Be smart, be adamant and always get your own way. Remember, everyone wants to earn, and your competitors are ready to go to the greatest quirks for their show.
That’s why you have to go even bigger ...

Number of players:  4 to 8 players of 14 years and older
Playing time:  30 to 45 minutes - first game 45-60 minutes

UK Online Price is between £23.00-£25.00

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