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Dramatis Personae - 100+ Leagues Characters

Whether you need a new archetype for a new player, a range of heroic archetypes for a convention game, a quick NPC or two to round out an encounter, or just a few ideas to help your imagination, Dramatis Personae covers all the bases.

With 100+ archetypes covering a wide range of occupations, all built using the rules for starting characters, and 23 pages of Level 0 and Level 1 henchmen, you can a create combination of master and servant to suit almost every player. Although designed for each of the three Leagues settings in each turn, you can use all 100+ archetype with whatever Leagues setting you want. Switch and swap is the keyword for the day!

From Adventurous Novelists to School Teachers, Doubting Thomases to Mime Artists, and Beekeepers to Non-Linnaean Scientists, we've got you covered!

This project was previously available as a free unedited PDF reward for Kickstarter backers. It has since been given a brand new cover, a good edit, a reorganization into four sections, and grown by a third, offering you considerably more material. Even better, it is now available in softcover format!

Dramatis Personae is a 132-page softback book with black and white printed interior pages and a colour cover. Its format size is 6.69″ x 9.61″ (170mm x 244 mm)
Within this book you will find:
* 82 pages of Leagues of Adventure characters
* 15 pages of Leagues of Gothic Horror characters
* 7 pages of Leagues of Cthulhu characters
* 23 pages of henchmen


This project will run until the end of March 31st, 2021.

The project is available as either a PDF (£8.99; approx. $11.99) or a softback with a complimentary PDF (£14.99; approx. $20.99). When it goes on public sale, there will be no complimentary PDF copy - you'll have to purchase that separately if you want both.



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