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”The DDP tour”, or ”The Great Tour of 2018”, ”The Insane Tour” - or ”The Unlucky Tour”. Our beloved child has many names.

Our family - Timo, Tiinaliisa and Väinö Multamäki - owns Dragon Dawn Productions. We design and publish board games with the help of an international team and a large number of fans from all over the world. We dedicated 2018 for board games and decided to live in a caravan, travelling around Europe from one gaming convention to another.

Since January 17th we have been in 17 different countries, driving over 30,000 km, participating in 15 board game fairs and several smaller gaming events. It’s now November and we have still have two events left: Spielwiesn, in Munich, and DAU, in Barcelona. Then the long ride back home, above the arctic circle, over 4,000 km.

There has been quite a few problems that we’ve been able to solve, yet, now are facing one that is insurmountable.
We’d very much appreciate if you, the players of our games, could kindly spread the word about the campaign.
Unlike our normal campaigns (next launching 11th NOV 11:11AM PT) this isn’t something that we have meticulously planned as this is more or less a state of EMERGENCY in our family.
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