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DigixArt and Ravenscourt celebrate the Fantastic Reception of Road 96 among critics and players with a
New Cinematic Accolades Trailer

DigixArt and Ravenscourt are celebrating the fantastic reception of Road 96 among players and critics with an accolades trailer. In the first two weeks the title has surpassed the 2700 review mark on Steam, with a solid average user score of 90%. The game has gotten high praise in all aspects, the atmosphere that recreates the feeling of living a true adventure, the soundtrack that fits each moment of your trip, and the charismatic personality of its characters, and above all, the freedom to make your own choices. We want to thank all players and content creators for jumping on the road with us in this incredible ride that is Road 96, we are looking forward to living many more adventures with you in the future! 

"I'm amazed by Road 96's reception over all continents, the characters resonate deeply with players, this becomes the game of the Netflix generation, crazy, funny and serious at the same time, all in a high pace rhythm like modern times series." - Yoan Fanise, Game Director.  

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