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The award winning indie game is ready for players

Today DESTINYbit and Ravenscourt celebrate the launch of the award winning (gamescom award for Most Original Game) dice-based survival city builder Dice Legacy. The game is available for the Nintendo Switch (available right now) and PC (available from 5pm). 

To celebrate the Launch DESTINYbit and Ravenscourt created this launch trailer:

Players can finally dive into one of the most unique games of 2021. A unique blend of survival city builder, roguelike and board games that shows a glimpse into the future of digital tabletop gaming. They need to build and expand their newly founded settlement while dealing with various challenges to survive in the mysterious and uncharted ringworld they’ve just arrived at. But every obstacle can be overcome with a good throw of the dice. What does fate hold in store for you?

Maybe you will find a way to even the odds or even make the dice favor your desired outcome. 

Dice Legacy on Steam:


For more information check out Koch Media UK on TwitterInstagramYouTube and Twitch.




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