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This year Devir will be attending the UK Games Expo and releasing our games Fanhunter: Urban Warfare and Fast Food Fear. Along with these two, we will have the rest of our catalogue available for you to peruse, as well as some exciting news to be revealed at the Expo!

We would like to invite all games players to come to our stand for a demo of our latest (and recent) games   Stand: E-22

Unfamiliar with our catalogue?   Have a look!



librarian-turned Pope has overtaken Europe and is expanding his regime across the globe outlawing comics, games, and general fun in order to bore us to death. The fight begins versus his Fanhunter police force and a rag-tag group of cosplayers, comics book nerds, and gamers of all types.  Will you join The Fanhunters or The Resistance? 

  Monsters at the Legoblah! swamp are hungry for their burgers, tacos, and sushi. Working with your group of chefs you cook up their orders before running out of time! In this real-time cooperative game you scramble to satisfy their cravings before you turn into lunch!

SOME of our OTHER Games will also be at UKGE:




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