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In UK Cinemas & On Demand 26 May 2017

Detour is a tense, stylish noir thriller from writer/director Christopher Smith (Triangle, Creep, Severance) starring Tye Sheridan (X-Men Apocalypse, Ready Player One), Emory Cohen (Brooklyn, The OA), Bel Powley (Diary of a Teenage Girl) and True Blood’s Stephen Moyer.

When law student Harper (Sheridan) wakes with an almighty hangover the last thing he expects at his front door is threatening tough guy Johnny Ray (Cohen) and his girlfriend Cherry (Powley) but he soon comes to realise that a drunken bar conversation the previous night is about to turn into a dark and dangerous reality. Harper obsesses that his step-dad Vincent (Moyer) is responsible for the car crash that has left his mum in a coma, and Johnny Ray is here to drive them all to Vegas where he’s agreed to kill Vincent for $20,000. Harper’s claims he was drunk when he hired him fall on deaf ears and he realises he might not be able to change course; if he wants to survive this, he needs to carry on down the road he’s already chosen, even if there’s clearly danger up ahead.

Detour is UK cinemas & On Demand 26 May 2017.

Running Time: 1hr 37 minutes                                           

Cert: 15

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