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3 Secrets and Deckscape - Test Time 


The English edition of3 Secrets, a cooperative game for 2 to 8 players, has just been released and itis now available for the European market.

The goal of the game is to unravel the three secrets of an unresolved case before time runs out.

One of the players plays the role of informant, and knows the truth about the case: they know which secrets need tobe discovered, and try their best to help you guess them correctly. The clock is ticking and the clues are scarce; question the informant to gather useful information to find the solution. If you grope in the dark, the informant can reveal an important clue, but this will cost you precious time!Use your best observing eye, lateral thinking, and deduction skills to unravel all the mysteries of the ambiguous characters that populate this game.

3 Secrets comes with a free appavailable for download at the Apple AppStoreand Google Play.

Game design: Martino Chiacchiera, Pierluca Zizzi

No. of players: 2-8

Ages: 14+

Artwork: Werther Dell’Edera

Language: English

Suggested retail price: €10.90 


Deckscape –Test Timeis the first title in a series of cooperative games inspired by real Escape Rooms, where a group of people is “trapped” inside a room full of puzzles and odd items.

The goal of the game is to solve puzzles, understand the plot of the story, and make intelligent use of the items provided in order to exit from the room as quickly as possible.

In Deckscape –Test Time,you have been selectedfrom Doctor Thyme’s most brilliant students for a special project. He’ll test your skills, and if you succeed, you’ll get a unique chance to help him on his newest and greatest invention. While he his explaining his project, he distractedly pushes a button: an alarm cries loudly and heavy gratings shut all the windows and the exit door. The laboratory is locked! Doc Thyme fallsthrough a trapdoor below his feet and the lights turn off. Will you be able to pass Doctor Thyme’s exam and exit his Laboratory? Using just 60 cards, you will take part in a hectic adventure, without leavinghome.

The English edition of Deckscape –Test Time has just been released and itis now available for the European market.

Game design: Martino Chiacchiera, Silvano Sorrentino

No. of players: 1-6

Ages: 12+

Artwork: Alberto Bontempi

Language: English

Suggested retail price: €10.90 

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