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Master of Anagrams: NEW Decipher!

Decipher is a Mastermind type word deduction game for 2-4 players, using the Letter Piece Game system of the Wordsmith... Weiter lesen

Unravel the alphabet puzzle!

Decipher, the new HeidelBÄR Games title, is more than just 'deciphering' words. To decrypt and to decode, as the dictionary explains to Decipher in more detail, creates this positive exciting tension, when you scrabble in your mind, to unravel the individual letters - piece by piece trying to find the solution word by matching the letters and pieces against each other. Decipher - Piece my word together is now available in stores and online.

Like its sibling board game Wordsmith, Decipher is based on the Letter Piece Alphabet of the game Runes, which was developed many years ago by American authors Bill Eberle and the brothers Greg and Peter Olotka in cooperation with Jack Kittredge. Why, one may ask, is the NEW Decipher even more fun to play and puzzle now? The answer lies in the excellent editorial work of the puzzle game, which does the ingenious part of deciphering a game like Mastermind, while fully exploiting the strengths of the Letter Piece Games. At the same time the game is easy to play for the puzzle player. This is possible thanks to the great box design and the other players can guess easily thanks to the clearly arranged game tableau - really concentrating on "deciphering" the puzzle word. Thus, logical thinking and emotion find their way to each other - especially when playing with families and beginners, like hardly any other game of the genre.

The catchy guessing game Decipher can be played by 2 persons or more and is a great puzzle fun in small groups as well as in rounds exceeding the given number of 4 players even. With its ingenious box game you are always quickly ready for a new round of unraveling and deciphering! And as all players are always immediately involved, it is easy for them to join in the excitement of "deciphering" the letters from the individual letter parts given.

Decipher - Piece my word together is available now for the RRP of 29,95 € in Europe. Wherever possible - support your friendly flagship store. 

Otherwise there is our own HeidelBÄR-Onlineshop now as well as there are specialist retailers online, where you can always get all our HeidelBÄR Games as well as those of some other selected partners:

The official US release is to follow soon and planned for the 2nd quarter of 2020.




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