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What's better than playing the precision-based sport of darts? How about playing darts in a hot night club to the cheers of virtual fans? Oh yeah! *bass drops*

In case you missed the news, developer The Awesome Game Studio has launched their highly-stylized virtual reality sports game Darts VR for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift! Darts VR is designed as a party experience with fun and engaging simulated darts gameplay, great for play with family and friends, set in over the top locations like a grand arena and bumpin' night club. It's fun, silly and highly competitive! 

The Awesome Game Studio is India's leading multiplatform developer in immersive AR and VR experiences, having worked on original content for high-profile IP like Resident Evil and Battlefield. Their work can be found in world-class venues such as the Hub Zero theme park in Dubai, and across consoles, mobiles, in-flight entertainment systems and streaming boxes.

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