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Now it's even closer to UKGE and we have even more exciting stuff to say about our presence in the UK.
During the awesome UK Games Expo we will announce two huge surprises we are preparing for this year. Let the picture below be the first teaser of what we are working on:
The first game (on the left) will be a reprint of a beloved classic form 2012 that is currently out of print. We are very happy to be bringing back this amazing game to the market in a Deluxe Master Set form.
The second game (the one on the right) is an all-new design by Daniele Tascini (Tzolkin, Teotihuacan). This time dice will be rolled - and used in a surprising, interesting and fresh mechanism. All we can say is that we are extremely excited!

Don't forget to stop by our booth for more info about those games during the show: 1-506

Watch our social media channels as we will be posting more teasers very soon! :)
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