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Syrinscape Brings Night City to Life!

Cyberpunk RED, the latest edition of the classic roleplaying game of the Dark Future from R. Talsorian Games, is a world filled with deep backstory and rich flavour at every corner. It comes as no surprise that Syrinscape would step in to help build the immersion with custom audio effects and original music.

Syrinscape have worked closely with R. Talsorian Games to figure out how weapons, machines, and other in-game assets sound. So, when the party enters the famous Night City bar, The Forlorn Hope, the immersive audio that fills the room is exactly what R Talsorian had in mind when they created the iconic destination.

One of the more interesting aspects of creating the sounds of Cyberpunk RED was the music. “We wanted to make sure that the music GMs and players hear in our SoundSets is as close as possible to what the creators of the game hear in their heads when they think of Night City”, says Dan Tharp, Marketing Manager for Syrinscape. To that end, Steve Barr, the sound designer responsible for every Cyberpunk RED SoundSet in the Syrinscape library, went out and found musicians that could help bring the music of Cyberpunk RED to life. Rob Mulligan, a major contributor of music for the SoundSets, worked with R Talsorian and Syrinscape to help create the soundtrack of Cyberpunk RED

In the end, Syrinscape have worked hard to make sure that their library of official SoundSets reflect the true vision of creator Mike Pondsmith and his talented team at R Talsorian. With Syrinscape Sci-Fi or Online Player, you can have the entire library of immersive sounds and music for Cyberpunk RED at your fingertips.









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