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Leagues of Cthulhu PDF Edition

Cthulhu dreams no longer in his house at R'lyeh

Beyond the world of mortal ken lies another, a nightmare world of profane alien gods, blasphemous terrors, nightmarish tomes, bloodlines tainted by elder secrets, and forgotten places whose very existence makes a mockery of established history. Welcome to that world.

Peer behind the veil of sanity you call reality and inside you'll find: 
* New options for characters prepared to stand against the horrors of the Lovecraft Mythos. 
* Dread rituals for summoning alien fiends and communing with eldritch gods. 
* A tour of the many places spoken of in Lovecraft's tales. 
* A bestiary of monsters who very existence can tear down the walls of sanity. 
* Advice for playing in the Lovecraft Mythos.

The Kickstarter backers have received their surveys and will begin losing sanity as the Leagues of Cthulhu PDF drops into their inboxes next Tuesday. Don't worry if you missed out, because the PDF goes on general release on Wednesday 20th!

Leagues of Cthulhu is powered by the Ubiquity game engine and requires both Leagues of Adventure and Leagues of Gothic Horror.

Leagues of Adventure

Leagues of Adventure

With the Leagues of Cthulhu PDF due for release next week, this is the perfect chance to grab the core Leagues rules!

Leagues of Adventure is a roleplaying game set in the late Victorian Age. Whether you want a gritty steampunk game where the hostile natives are a serious threat, a pulp action game where the characters eat savage warriors for breakfast, or a highly cinematic one which allows the characters to swing single-handed from the underside of an early airship while bare-knuckle boxing pterodactyls over a lost plateau, this is the game for you!

For this week only you can grab the 262-page core rules at a price even a Victorian pauper can afford!

PDF: $9.99, Softcover $14.99, Hardcover $19.99

Available from the TAG store and RPGnow.

Dice and Badges

Viking dice and Cthulhu pin badges have been flooding into mailboxes this week! Here's some of the feedback we've received so far!

"Received our trade pack of Viking dice today – bloody awesome. Impressed with the overall quality, deffo as good as, if not better than Q-Workshop." -- Legend Games

"Got our dice yesterday so very pleased! Thanks!!! If I want more stock is there more available?" -- Fil Baldowski, All Rolled Up

"Just wanted to send you a quick message to say the dice arrived and they are the most beautiful dice I've seen." -- Tiff Slade

"Badges received today - and they look great!" -- Lorenz Thor

"UK backer here. My dice have arrived and they are glorious!" -- Adam Thomson

"Got my badges in the UK today. They are great. Now I need to expand my library." -- Malkira

"Cheers for the Viking dice, one of only two Kickstarters I've ever thrown some pennies at, and the first one to arrive, well worth the wait." -- Marc Palmer

The following chart is a visual reference showing our project queue and products' current status. We hope you'll find this a useful tool, especially if you are a Kickstarter backer, so you can see where we are in the process for any particular project.

production chart september 2017

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