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Cthulhu Mythos Cult Badges!

Having previously risked our sanity to gather some of the most dread Mythos books ever penned, Triple Ace Games has infiltrated several insidious cults and brought back knowledge of their secret symbols.

Whether you want to adorn your clothes, dice bag, or game gear to show your allegiance or protect yourself with an Elder Sign, you can now own a set of these beautiful designs in hard enamel.

We have just one pledge level for this Kickstarter. If you're quick to the party (or cult gathering, if you prefer), you can get the badge set at a small discount! This early bird will not be available after 100 backers have pledged for them!

We've risked more sanity and opened the Gate through Time so you good folks can take a sneak peek at the campaign here.

The campaign starts on 10th August at 9 a.m. BST!

Servants of the Heretic Pharaoh

What few fragments of lore exist concerning Nephren-Ka speak of him as an insane pharaoh who instigated abolished the old faith in favor of dark rites honoring a monstrous deity. After his death, the name of the great heretic was erased from the list of kings and queens, and all statues and inscriptions bearing his name smashed. A cult in his name still exists today. Its goal is to locate his earthly remains and return them to life so that he may start a new reign of terror.

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Cult of the Black Hand

The Islamic sect known in the West as the Assassins were led by the Old Man of the Mountain. The Old Man was, in fact, an avatar of Nyarlathotep. None ever saw his full form, for it was wrapped in a voluminous black robe, save for his withered and blackened right hand. With a touch of this gnarled limb he could bestow his worshipers with supernatural abilities or condemn them to a grisly death.


Illuminated Fraternity of the All-Seeing Eye

Whereas many cults appeal to those at the lower end of the social spectrum, the Illuminated Fraternity counts among its ranks businessmen, politicians, and military officers, plus a few aristocrats. The cult has a single goal—authoritarian world domination. Nations and religions will be swept aside in favor of worship of the All- Seeing Eye, a single global government, and a common language.

Black Scorpion Brotherhood

Founded in Predynastic Upper Egypt during the rule of a king known to modern Egyptologists as Scorpion I, the vile cult not only remains strong today, it has spread beyond Egypt. The Brotherhood (which accepts women) has no real unity and no long-term goals. Instead, members are encouraged to engage in their wildest desires and perversions.



Elder Sign

The Elder Sign is a protective ward. Invoked as a hand gesture, it serves the same function as protection against the evil eye or crossing oneself —comforting, but ultimately without benefit. Carved into something solid—rock, glass, wood, or even precious metal—enchanted with magic, and worn openly, it provides a defense against the minions of the Great Old Ones.


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