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Miniature drones with Huge Guns Brings Death From Above in the Crossout Wastelands

The latest update brings a new cyberpunk armoured vehicle with an epic grenade launcher and other content

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment announce the release of Content Update 0.12.50 “Dronapocalypse” for the post apocalyptic vehicular combat online game Crossout. It brings the revamped event “Dronapocalypse”, new armoured vehicle “Harmony” with the unique garage of the Syndicate faction, and more.

Dronapocalypse participants fight each other in 8x8 battles using pre assembled miniature drones. The goal is to destroy a huge Leviathan armoured vehicle that fights alongside the enemy and protect your own Leviathan. There are a lot of new drone types available this year, including the “Fireworks” drone (with a “Nest”  rocket launcher), the “Pointer” drone (with the “ATGM Flute” guided rocket), the “Power drill” drone (with the “Kaiju” pulse cannon), the “Fryer” drone (with the “Tempura” melee weapon), the “Tourist” drone (with the “King” minelayer) and the “Toaster” drone (with the “Jubokko” minelayer). Leviathans have also been updated. The event will be available until April, 11th

The “Harmony” armoured vehicle belongs to Munmu, a ruthless warrior from the high-tech Syndicate faction that recently came from the East. This vehicle is equipped with the epic “Yongwang'' grenade launcher firing a volley of 5 projectiles that explode on contact with the enemy or after a short timer expires. “Harmony” is available as a part of ordinary or deluxe versions of the “Crossout – Triad: The keeper“ DLC pack that also includes a Munmu portrait and other bonuses. The Deluxe pack also contains an exclusive Syndicate garage.

More information on the changes brought by this update is available at the official Crossout website.    Another Video here








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