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Friedberg, March 16, 2017: Founded by enthusiastic players, Corax Games released extraordinary games that were available previously only directly from the publisher and the partner As late as March 2017 Games from the published list of Corax games are also offered in the stationary Pegasus Games Premium Stores.

Its program encompasses internationally acclaimed titles like Not Alone , Trickerion and SideQuest and is continuously updated. The first edition of the Games of Corax Games is always financed through a crowdfunding project in in direct contact with the players. Currently running there including the already successfully supported project to Half-Pint Heroes , a humorous trick game special, which is just as suitable for two to seven players as nightcap or warmers such as full-length cards.

The already available Matches Corax Games are praised by the trade press for their outstanding game mechanics and can be found again on the lists of the currently most sought after games, so as also to BoardGameGeek.

Trickerion - Master of Magic

The players are rival illusionist with own strengths and weaknesses. In an alternate world of the late 19th century, they delight their audience with ever more extravagant tricks and collect as fame points. Trickerion has a strong theme and clever mechanisms.

Not Alone

A thrilling mind game in which players are stranded as astronauts on a foreign planet. Here you are trying to organize their common salvation, but on the planet lived the essence and begins to chase the player ...

Side Quest

The cooperative adventure is a dungeon crawler in pocket format. Players only need one deck of cards and two dice and then can together find a way through the dungeon. They have a choice: Should it be a quick adventure in between, or a full-length, epic journey?

An overview of all Premium Shops can display the Store Finder. And who does not find a Premium shop nearby, may appeal to the shop of his confidence in the Premium Shop Program of Pegasus Games.

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