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Conan: Rise of Monsters, a pre-painted miniatures wargame, launched on Kickstarter today and funded in under two hours! Read on for more about this exciting game based on the adventures of Conan by Robert E. Howard.

Pulposaurus Entertainment, part of Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Launches Conan: Rise of Monsters Kickstarter

Chandler, AZ June 13, 2017 – Pinnacle Entertainment Group, award-winning makers of Savage Worlds and Deadlands tabletop roleplaying games, recently announced the acquisition of Pulposaurus Entertainment and a pre-painted miniatures wargame based on the legend of Conan adventures by Robert E. Howard.

The Kickstarter for Conan: Rise of Monsters launched today and funded within the first two hours.

Kickstarter link here:

The Kickstarter for Conan: Rise of Monsters includes four reward levels: a $1 Retailer notification level, $150 Conqueror base play set, $300 Warlord expansion set, and $500 King for everything, including amazing resin terrain from Reaper Miniatures. There are a limited number of Early Bird Warlord reward levels. 

The Conqueror reward level set has everything needed for two players ready to play, straight out of the box: a rule book, Sigil Dice, Game Tokens, Destiny Gems, Fate Deck, Unit Cards, terrain boards, and prepainted miniatures to play Conan or his worthy opponent, Thoth-Amon, with fearsome allies on either side.

The Warlord expansion comes with the Fall of Mitra campaign, more game play elements, and even bigger monsters such as the War Rhino and Lovecraftian Devil from the Outer Dark. Epic scale resin pieces from Reaper including the Statue of Set or the Tower of the Elephant are available as Add-Ons or together in the King reward level.

Stretch goals unlock new terrain, unit cards, extra cards for the Fate deck, and more. Add-ons include Sigil Dice, Fate Decks, Rule Books, Terrain Boards, and of course all the beautiful pre-painted miniatures from the game and the resin terrain pieces from Reaper.

The Kickstarter ends on Monday, July 3rd at 9 pm Eastern. Don’t miss out—back it today!

About Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Pulposaurus Entertainment

The award-winning Deadlands and Savage Worlds tabletop RPGs were created by Shane Lacy Hensley, owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Pinnacle recently acquired Pulposaurus Entertainment, creators of the Conan: Rise of Monsters miniatures wargame, which was created by our own Shane Hensley along with George Vasilakos, Timothy Brown, Jack Emmert, Mack Martin, and illustrator Victor Moreno.

For more information, visit or contact Jodi Black, COO and Managing Editor for Pinnacle, at



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