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Combat Infantry Kickstarter - 75% funded

Tom Dalgliesh is developing a new WWII tactical combat game with blocks.  In this game you command a German or American infantry battalion, each composed of three rifle companies, each with three rifle platoons, each with three rifle squads. Machine guns and mortars of a heavy weapons platoon are also included, plus engineers, tanks, and heavy weapons from battalion level. 

The game includes four geomorphic maps that depict typical terrain found in Normandy, France. Map scale is 100 meters per hex, which is the best scale for a squad level game. 

The rules are just 12 pages long. You will find their depth of play to be realistic, yet playable. This claim arises from two simple game mechanics overlooked in many tactical games. 

First, because of our signature hardwood blocks, fog-of-war is an important part of the game. Given a compelling need to "keep your head down", fog-of-war is essential to simulate WWII tactical combat. 

Second, the leadership rules require players to maintain unit integrity – squads belong to specific platoons, and platoons belong to specific companies, each with their own commanders. 

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PrezCon 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia

ColumbiaCon is a block games convention sponsored by ColumbiaGames. It runs with Prezcon, a gaming convention Wargames, Eurogames, Racing Games, and more.

The event is coming right up.  It starts Monday June 26th and runs a full week through Sunday July 3rd, 2017.  

Grant Dalgliesh is attending and playing in the tournaments.  

You can also meet and play games with Justin Thompson (Julius Caesar) and Ron Draker (Victory in Europe).

This is your chance to play several different block games in a tournament format with experienced players.  The setting is intimate; the competition is excellent, and the players are friendly.  There are demo opportunities to learn new games and refine your skills.  Come and join the fun.

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There are dozens of videos to watch.

Many recent review videos have been made about The Last Spike.

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