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All stretch goals reached thanks to GameStarter!

The extended Kickstarter campaign for Victory has now ended! We have reached $30,000 through extra orders and add-ons! 

This means everyone will now get the stretch goals, Recon Tanks and Atom Bombs!

The game will now be available, along with the expansions, as normal on the Columbia Games website.

We are very happy to say that we are only waiting on labels and expansion sleeves and we will be ready to ship!

Our GameStarter test program worked out great and allowed us a lot more ease dealing with add-ons logistically. Expect to see it used again!

For the Holiday season, we have made $25 gift certificates now available on our website.

Perfect to give to a friend. 

Of course, you could always "leak" this information to a spouse. That works too! :)

Carrier Battles 4 Desktop

For those who love Pacific Victory, we think you will also enjoy Carrier Battles 4 Desktop. A Kickstarter by computer wargaming developers Avalon Digital. 

Carrier Battles is a classic hex-and-counter digital wargame covering the naval-air battles of the Pacific War, from the South Pacific in 1942-43 to the Central Pacific in 1944. 

You will be hearing more of Avalon Digital from us in the months ahead as we are collaborating on bringing Columbia block wargames to the PC!

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