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The chillier weather certainly isn't getting us down here at Coiledspring. Amidst attending Autumn Fair 2021 (in real life!) and releasing our Autumn Supplement catalogue, we have also had an influx of exciting new releases ahead of the busy season!

Here's what else we've been up to in September.

We are very excited to feature the new Kingdomino Origins! Joining the popular Kingdomino family from Blue Orange is this highly anticipated prehistoric Origins. Build a strong tribe, use lava and fire the expand your regions and recruit fearless cavemen. With four modes of play, the fun never stops!

Sell your magical items at the Magic Market! Showcase your goods, negotiate prices, visit neighbouring stands and don’t let customers leave empty handed. Gain the most Dragos to win but be sure to keep a keen eye on the clock!

Last Message - a crime has been committed… The victim is unable to speak… But they can draw! You’ll need to decipher the clues through drawings! Keep a sharp eye, the culprit covers their tracks by erasing clues.

Become the best merchant in the town! Will you turn wood into charcoal, charcoal into bread? You can produce, sell, trade and block your opponents to earn valuable influence points to build the perfect Little Factory!

Khôra - assert the strength of your city state! As the leader of your Polis, you must shape every facet of your city! Attract more citizens, raise taxes, recruit troops and gain GLORY!

Just incase you missed these new releases, here is a brief refresher!

As a fellow merchant, you will need to bend in, collect and trade magical objects to become the richest merchant in Kameloot. Watch out for turncoats and traitors!

Build your little city card-by-card and manage your income to attract new residents and build a Happy City! Choose each building carefully and keep an eye on your opponent’s rival towns.

Is it HOT in here? Roll the ‘Feisty Dice’ to create colour combinations. The first to check off all flame colours wins, but remember to keep a fierce eye on your competition!












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