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Happy New Year and welcome to 2022! We hope everyone had a wonderful festive season filled with food, happiness and board games.

We were busy throughout December celebrating the festive season, and we are looking forward to brand a new year filled with tabletop fun. 
Toy Fair 2022
We are gearing up for the very first trade show of 2022, Toy Fair! From the 25th - 27th January we will be ready to connect with customers to showcase our range of board games, puzzles and jigsaws.

We have a newly designed stand this year, featuring a fantastic jigsaw wall and a revolving stand to show off amazing Wrebbit3D puzzles. We look forward to sharing the fun with you via social media!

Bubble Stories - step into the bubbling world of amazing stories Explore all the different places you can visit! Collect the star cards along the way and discover magical things that are hidden at the end of each adventure.

Hashi is a logical game of brilliant bridge building! Neighbouring islands must be connected with bridges. Complete as many island puzzles as you can and collect the points to win!

Living Forest - the forest is on fire and the Sacred Tree is in danger! The four spirits of nature have been called to rescue the Sacred Tree from the grips of Onibi’s devastating flames. Plant protective trees, fend off flames, combine valuable elements to win the title of Grand Protector. 

New Releases

The legendary King of Tokyo Monster Box features the base game, King of Tokyo Power Up and King of Tokyo Power Up: Halloween, all in one epic box. With 11 new cards and new monster, Baby Gigazaur, you can now destroy Tokyo in style!

Talisman: Harry Potter - with your wand in hand, weave your way through a magical adventure as a member of the Order or the Pheonix or a Death Eater to reach Lord Voldemort himself! 

Red Riding Hood takes her basket of tricks to face off against Beowulf in another legendary battle of the Unmatched series. With Little Red’s card combo mechanism up against Beowulf’s devastating rage, it’s an epic fight to the bitter end!


"Magic Market is a dice rolling, rondel spinning game set in a fairytale market where players buy and sell various fairytale goods for maximum return!"

Moovin Meeples review the delightful Magic Market

"If your little ones love storytelling, check this game out! Especially as it has the added bonus of rewarding good listening!"

LOKI's storytelling Team Story is reviewed by Small Fries Games.
"Easy to setup, easy to understand, strategies a-plenty. These are some of the reasons I and our group of fairly-well experienced games players truly enjoy LITTLE FACTORY."

A BIG review of Little Factory by IELLO from Games Gazette.
National Puzzle Day 

It's time to get puzzled with National Puzzle Day on January 29th! This year we are celebrating brain teasing puzzles by giving away fantastic bundles of jigsaws over the radio and social media. Watch this space for your chance to win and join in the fun.
Photo of the Month

@Noobhaven stands next to his epic Christmas tree made from board games in this festive photo of the month. A truly amazing board game collection! 

That’s all from us this month! Stay safe and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes,
The Coiledspring Games Team


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