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We said goodbye to one marketing assistant in July (Joel), and welcomed two new starters! With this growth in the team we're looking forward to supporting you as much as possible as well as encourage consumers to play games.

Here is some of what we got up to in July.

Virtual UKGE

Less than a month to go to Virtually Expo, which runs from 21st-23rd August. We know this isn't quite the same as attending UKGE, however we will be offering lots of exciting games to demo and of course lots of chances to win prizes! 

We're delighted to announce that we have six games shortlisted in the awards:

•    Best Abstract Game: Gembatan
•    Best Euro-style Board Game: Taverns
•    Best Board Game Strategic: Ishtar
•    Best Card Game Strategic: Break the Code
•    Best New Dice Game: Kingdomino Duel
•    Best Party Game: Three Things 

We'll be demoing these throughout the weekend, plus Phase Shift will be demoing Dungeon Drop on their booth! We'll post out the schedules shortly, we hope to see you there.

New Releases

It's finally here! In this sequel to the best-selling Bandido, you will find everything you liked in the first game, and more! Will you play cops to prevent Bandida from escaping, or will you join the dark side to plan her escape? Combine with Bandido and you can play 'The Lover's Escape'. 

The Kingdomino family has expanded with Blue Orange’s new release, Dragomino, a version aimed for children! You have been named dragon trainer and must explore Dragomino’s land to find the precious Dragon Eggs! Who will discover the most baby dragons?

Finally – think fast, say it first in Gamewright’s new release Splurt! In this hilarious fast-reaction word game, flip a card and be the first to shout out an answer that matches the clues. Splurt! joins the port-a-party range. 


 Shut Up & Sit Down! produced an excellent video review of Flying Games' Ice Team! 

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This vibrant review by Board Game Review displays the hours of fun you can have with Splash Party, which is the game of the summer!

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Have you played Abandon All Artichokes? You’ll need luck, strategy, and a green thumb to grow a winning hand!

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All the best for August, we hope you keep safe and keep following the Government guidelines. 








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