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As winter is settling in, we are getting excited here at Coiledspring for the festive season! This month we have been welcoming new releases and getting into the gift giving spirit by running plenty of giveaways.     Here's what else we have been up to.

In case you missed it is a little refresher of some popular new release games and puzzles you may have missed! 

Travel back in time to a prehistoric era of Kingdomino with Origins! Build your tribe as strong as you can. Use erupted lava to bring fire to your regions, gather resources and recruit fearless cavemen to expand your tribe and hunting territory.

Unmatched returns with Cobble and Fog, featuring four brand new heroes Sherlock Holmes, Jekyll and Hyde the invisible Man and Dracula! Each character has a unique deck of cards that fit their fighting style and designed to their legendary abilities. 

Back with a bang and more dazzling than ever before, the Spiel des Jahres award-winning Hanabi: Deluxe version has arrived! Work together to create dazzling firework displays. But there’s a catch… all the powder, wicks and rockets are mixed up! 

Art Robbery - slide into the role of art thieves! You have priceless drawings, paintings, sculptures and antiques in your possession. Confront the other players and try to snatch the most loot.

Hashi - neighbouring islands must be connected with bridges. Pay attention, each island has a number of required bridges. Complete as many island puzzles as you can and collect the points to win!

A new disease has appeared and you will need to work quickly as a team of scientists to find the antidote, Save Patient Zero and all of humanity. It's is a race to use lab tools, narrow down molecules with the help of the computer and find the antidote!

These exciting games are set to land before Christmas.

The Dark Lord awaits in Harry Potter Talisman. With your wand in hand, weave your way through a magical adventure as a member of the Order or the Pheonix or a Death Eater to reach Lord Voldemort himself! 

The battle for Tokyo just got bigger and much fiercer! This legendary Monster Box features the base game, King of Tokyo Power Up and King of Tokyo Power Up: Halloween, all in one epic box.

Unmatched Beowulf vs Little Red Riding Hood - once upon a time… Red Riding Hood takes her basket of tricks to face off against Beowulf in another legendary battle of the Unmatched series.

Wrebbit3D continues to be in the spotlight with giveaway bundle competitions still running on Good Housekeeping, and five other digital sites including Women's Weekly and What's on TV. 

These competitions are proving to be very successful, and a great way to raise the profile of the Wrebbit3D. Check out our top 3D puzzle tips for 2021 on our blog.

We are always on the lookout for reviewers to feature our games, especially our wonderful Coiledspring Heroes range! If any of the games catch your eye, please contact us and let us know which game you are interested in. We do our best to accommodate requests but it does depend on review copies we have in at the time.
That's all from us this month. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Best wishes,

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