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Heavy Metal Machines; What Do You Want For Christmas?

Players of Heavy Metal Machines, the free-to-play car-combat MOBA currently in Open Beta, have been given the chance to influence what they want for Christmas. Developers, Hoplon is providing three festive themed options for players to decide what the Bomb is to look like this fast-approaching seasonal holiday.

Votes will be accepted from 13th to 20th November and can be submitted by clicking on the following link:

As it’s getting ever closer to where ‘tis the season to be jolly, Hoplon are handing out gifts early to honour the champions of the Heavy Metal Machines European and South American Championships, KVASDOPIL from Russia and Zony Gaming from Brazil. From 16th November, all players will notice that one Totem pole from each champion team will be available on either side of the start line of each arena.

To find out more about the thrilling world of Hoplon’s Heavy Metal Machines, please follow the official channels on TwitterFacebook and Instagram or visit

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