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Die in Dark Souls: The Board Game as one of six new character classes! Play as a Thief, Mercenary, Cleric, Pyromancer, Sorcerer, or Deprived with the Characters Expansion, now back in stock.

Each character class comes with unique skills that can help you in your quest. Be a stealthy and agile thief, skilled at range and in melee. Or call on miracles as a faithful cleric, healing the festering wounds of your friends. 

Perhaps you’ll master flame as the pyromancer, or punish foes with the sorcerer’s magic. Or make use of the subtle arts of the mercenary. 

You could even take on the mantle of the deprived — poor, brave souls who can rely only on their wits and skill to survive.

Each class comes with two miniatures: A starting miniature, to begin your game, and an upgraded armour miniature, which you’ll gain as you collect new common and class-specific treasures. 

If you enjoy a challenge, you can even seek out new legendary treasures for impressive legendary armour...

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