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Production COMPLETE! Catapults at Gen Con!
Posted by Vesuvius Media Ltd
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Production Update

Production is now complete! This was quite a feat as China was locked down tight due to Covid. Thankfully, our production and manufacturing team made it happen! 

Catapult Feud Hydra expansion getting ready to ship out!

We are now waiting for confirmation from our Freight Coordinator to get more accurate dates on when the games will leave China and make their way to the various distribution hubs. For now, we still expect rewards delivery to be on time in September!

Shipping Address

If you are moving in August, September, or October, please make sure the address you submitted in the Hive Pledge Manager is accurate. If you need to make a change, please login to your Hive Account, access your pledge and contact our support team by creating a ticket ASAP.

Gen Con Indy

Earlier this month, hundreds of rubber boulders SMASHED castles at UK Games Expo! Many thanks to everyone who stopped by to play with us! For those who came on Sunday... we are so sorry, but we SOLD OUT!


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