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CATAN 25th Anniversary Edition Trailer

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The CATAN – 25th Anniversary Edition is CATAN plus a lot more!
This special edition includes:

Add up to two more players to your epic quest across the galaxy.

New player colors: green and purple.

Meet the Travelers and gain their amazing abilities.

New Pilot 1 and Pilot 2 turn-taking mechanic keeps everyone engaged

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Still Need CATAN – Starfarers?

Released in November 2019, CATAN – Starfarers is a reboot of the 1999 game The Starfarers of Catan.
Traverse the galaxy, make alliances with alien civiliz
ations, and be the first to delve into the deepest reaches of outer space

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Settle in for Cozy Holidays
CATAN Shop has a bunch of great new styles in store for you!
Get a jumpstart on holiday shopping, have a look at the latest official CATAN gear and special holiday bundles.

CATAN Puzzle Book

How are you keeping busy this winter? Give your brain a workout with the CATAN Puzzle Book by Richard Wolfrik Galland.
If you love logic puzzles, riddles, and brainteasers, this book is for you, with 100 puzzles to get you thinking. It's available now in the United Kingdom on Amazon and in bookstores.

New CATAN Shirts at

We're excited to announce three special CATAN shirts now available at!


Each design features a piece of custom art from Kwanchai MoriyaRhys Meatyard, and Ron Guyatt.
Fan Feature: The Best of Halloween


We love seeing the many creative costumes that fans put together each year. Here are just a few of our faves:

Get ready for CATAN - World Explorers, an upcoming massively multiplayer augmented reality game that transforms the entire Earth into one giant game of CATAN. Harvest, trade, and build in the real world as cities and landmarks are transformed into opportunities to collect resources and build settlements.





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