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Cartamundi sponsor Publisher-Designer Track

Since its inception, UK Games Expo has always been an event encouraging new games to reach publication. In particular our aim has been to help the small indie publisher and the new designer.

This year we are delighted to have partnered with Cartamundi to create and bring to you a dedicated Publisher-Designer Track. Cartamundi come on board as official Publisher-Designer Track sponsors.

Steven Schoenmaekers – VP Games Manufacturing Services explained why they have become sponsors. "At Cartamundi we believe that game designers are at the heart of our industry. It is for this increasing group of enthusiastic game developers that our industry continues to grow. We are proud to be the sponsor of the Designer Networking Event at the UK Games Expo”

Playtest UK to return as a partner

We are are also happy to confirm that Playtest UK will again return as a key partner of UK Games Expo and will facilitate and run many of the activities in the Publisher -designer track.

Playtest UK is a nationwide games design community, with over 2,500 members and meetups in 22 cities across the UK. Set up in 2009 to support designers and help them to playtest and improve their game prototypes.tamundi has been manufacturing games since 1765. With over 60 million board games and even more card games produced annually, Cartamundi is the world’s largest games manufacturer. Great titles like Monopoly ®, Magic the Gathering ® and Ticket to Ride ® are manufactured at Cartamundi

What is in the Publisher-Designer Track?

This track will offer prototype testing tables run by Playtest UK, seminars and panels for games designers and publishers, networking events and opportunities for budding designers to pitch their ideas to publishers. 
We also offer a Debut designers guide and of course affordable starter stands - see exhibitor guide.

Here are a few highlights: 
* Speed-dating - a opportunity for game designers to make a 5 minute elevator pitch to publishers looking for new games. Will your game be picked up for publication? 
* Networking - Designers, publishers and other industry professionals can meet up at a Friday evening reception kindly supported by Cartamundi. 
* Wyvern's Lair - A very public event where you are grilled on your design by the Wyvern's and then the UKGE visitor votes on your game. What will be this year's hot idea? 
* Full programme of panels and workshops - whether you need to find out about Kickstarter, how to make prototypes, how to market games or even how to include art we have a session for you. 
* The Playtest Zone- this area run by Playtest UK will features dozens of tables where you can get your prototype tested by members of the public and gain valuable feedback.

Full details on all this as well and information on how to participate in these events will be released on the 1st of March. That day will also see the launch of submissions for Wyvern’s Lair and Speed Dating (which will be facilitated by Playtest UK). So start thinking about those game ideas 




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