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Cake of Doom is exhibiting at UKGE. I'm Pearl, one of its creators. I want to tell you a little bit about our game.
What's Cake of Doom?
Cake of Doom is a light-hearted, family-friendly card game, coming to Kickstarter in late 2022. It's a cool game if you like the sound of:
  • A wacky theme of cake-based alien invasion
  • Exploring specialty cakes like the Pavlova and the Moon Cake
  • Memorable frenemy moments from stealing regions and sabotaging with baking disasters
  • Portable small game with a quick 5 min teach suitable for (almost) any group
This will be the first campaign for me (Pearl) and my co-creator Amar. We've been working on Cake of Doom for almost two years and we can't wait to bring it to life.
We'd be very excited to talk about livestreams, podcasts, reviews, previews... any type of content really! 
Finding Cake of Doom at UKGE
We'll be at stand 1-265, drop by anytime!
We will also be at Thursday night's show preview, table 170.

Want to contact us?

You can reply to this email, message Pearl on Discord (Pearl#9683), or PM us on social media (links below).
Is there more Cake of Doom info?
Of course! Here is more images, art, and info.
WebsiteTwitterInstagramYoutubelinktree inc. links to try the game online
You can also check out Pearl on Bez's livestream earlier this month, or Pearl on the Board Game Community Show podcast last year!


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