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Czech Games Edition at UKGE

Czech Games Edition are happy to announce that we are attending UKGE in 2017. Our demo team will be at booth B12 and will be happy to show you any of our existing games, and some new prototypes. There will also be a competition at the booth to win some free games!



Stop by to get a demo of any of our existing games: 
Codenames – The #1 party game on BGG. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is your chance. Words or Pictures or both! 
Adrenaline – A first-person shooter euro game. 
Alchemists, Through the Ages, Galaxy Trucker, Tzolk’in, Dungeon Lords, Dungeon Petz, Last Will, and many more. 
For more information on all of our current games, please visit


Get a sneak peek at some of the new titles we are working on for release this year:

Codenames: Duet – a new fully cooperative game using the Codenames idea. 
Pleiades (working title) – A new euro game with a sci-fi setting and interesting dice mechanism. 
That’s a Question (working title) – A new party-game from Vlaada Chvatil where you get to ask difficult questions of the other players


More sneak peeks at some of the expansions we are working on for existing games:

Adrenaline – 6th player addon and new rules for team play and character-specific weapons. 
Through the Ages – More leaders and wonders to help your civilisation succeed. 
Tash Kalar – A new school enters the Arena with time-travel!


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