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Sling Boba Drinks With Cute Ingredients In Bubble Tea


Welcome to the most popular bubble tea shop in Taiwan, where you’ll find rich, delicious milk tea filled with chewy pearls and jellies! To make an unforgettable drink, you’ll need to pay attention to crucial elements. More bubbles, less sugar, just the right amount of ice - all of this will make the drink taste different. Sounds good, right?

In Bubble Tea, players race to serve customers their drinks by rolling dice then matching the order by stacking tea base cards and transparent ingredient cards. Whoever can serve customers the fastest and most accurately will win!

Contents Summary:

At a Glance

Boba drinks have never looked so cute! In Bubble Tea, from designer and illustrator AzaChen, you take on the role of a bubble tea shop owner, racing to satisfy thirsty customers.  Pre Order

You can play solo, or with up to four friends (who become rival bubble tea shop owners) in two game modes. Inside the box you'll find a shaker and dice, which you use to shake and roll, which shows the customer's order. You'll then race by using tea base cards and transparent ingredient cards to match the order. You'll want to be both fast and accurate, as customers can be particular about how their drinks are mixed.

You can finish the game in 20 minutes, and despite having mixed a ton of drinks, you'll want to throw the ingredients back in the shaker and play it again.



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