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Pegasus plays with social games, comics and novels at the Frankfurt Book Fair from 11 to 15 October 2017

Friedberg, October 11, 2017: Pegasus Spiele is participating for the first time as an exhibitor at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Visitors can get to know the extensive publishing program of Pegasus Spiele at the booth J 61 in Hall 3.0 and take home the Minample bookworm .

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The publisher Friedberg publishes games for children and the whole family, including the game of the year 2017 Kingdomino and novelties such as the cooperative card game Asterix & Obelix - Mission Zaubertrank . Also shown are the versatile games in the practical format for on the road such asextreme suitcases or Candy Match . On the spot, you can also look at unpublished games, including Pummeleinhorn - The Kekfe Marathon , the game of the famous fluffy Pummeinhorn with the Naschbrettbauch.

New are the game comics, a mixture of game and comic. The readers decide as protagonists of the story, as it goes on. They experience numerous adventures and have to solve tricky puzzles. Each band tells a different story and presents the readers with new challenges. The beginning of the series are two games comics on the themes of knights and Sherlock Holmes. The second part of the crime series around Sherlock Holmes will be released at the GAME'17 in Essen in late October. To match this year's Ehrengast France, the games comics are German-language translations of the French partner publisher Blue Orange Games.

Also new in the book area of ​​Pegasus games are the novels to the Cyberpunk Rolling Game Shadowrun . Schauplatz is a dystopian future, a fantastic image of our earth, fused from cyberpunk and fantasy. The adventures take place in gloomy street gorges, in state-of-the-art company laboratories and in ancient places, loaded with powerful magic. So far, five novels have appeared, the sixth volume is published at the book fair.

Reading samples for the game comics and the Shadowrun games can be taken along with publishing brochures with an overview of the Rollerspiele Shadowrun , Cthulhu and 7th See . And to get a mini-example to bookworm , the fast-paced pleasure for awe- inspiring word acrobats , visitors only have to be photographed on the Kingdomino -Thron and share the picture on Facebook.

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