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We are just a few days away from and we are prepared for it (well, almost prepared - you never can be 100% prepared when it comes to events :D).
We have all demo sessions scheduled, all our amazing volunteers are ready to teach you games via Tabletopia, Discord server is set! The level of excitement in our team is rising!
It's time to share with you more details about our schedule and live streams!
Board&Dice virtual booth- where to find it? We run it on our Discord server. Find it here:
This is the main way to contact us, chat about our games, join one of our demos. We will be there during, waiting for your questions and showing our games. Don't hesitate to stop by!
You will find there many channels: mostly those dedicated for specific games where you can find cool information and ask questions. We have also the main lobby where you can ask basically anything, for example about any available demo session - there always will be a person from our team waiting for you!
Schedule for each day!
On Discord, you will also find our daily schedule (below you can check what games and at what time we will be demoing).
Now the only thing you need to do is pick the game and time which will be suitable for you, then join our corresponding Discord channel 15 min before the time of the demo session.
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