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We are proud to announce that we have two big games we want to share with you today. Let's get into it without further delay!

Let's start by introducing the next big heavy euro game by Daniele Tascini & Federico Pierlorenzi:
Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula allows you to behind an adept of the mysterious art of alchemy, seeking a way to become the successor of the greatest alchemist ever: Hermes Trismegistus himself. In order to do so, you will be transmuting mere metals into pure gold, performing experiments and inventing artifacts to finally achieve everlasting greatness.
Mechanically, you will be drafting dice of three different colours from six different dice pools and use them to perform six different types of actions. To win the game you will need to decide on and cleverly conduct a strategy that would be a mixture of managing resources through your laboratory, creating upgrades (artifacts) and getting super-boosts (experiments). The game is about as heavy as Teotihuacan, perhaps with even a bit more crunch.
What's worth remembering:
* Unique dice drafting mechanism that translates into action selection
* Heavy euro game for true gamers
* Deep and demanding gameplay with multiple meaningful decisions played within less than 2 hours
YEDO deluxe edition!
7 years after the original publishing date, we want to bring this beloved classic back to gamer tables around the world in new guise. Also, 7 is a truly magic number! YEDO :).
We will delve deep into details if this new deluxe version of the game in the coming months, but we also have some details for you here and now:
- Updated artwork
- All components upgraded to true deluxe :)
- You will be able to „set up” your own experience of YEDO. Whether you want no negative interaction or a game more punishing than ever before, you will be able to set up YEDO to suit your needs and pause play style, all that while keeping the true spirit of the great game of Yedo we all love.
- New modular components brings a lot of interesting mechanisms into Yedo: the Tea house with a set of unique helpers who'll join you for a turn, Specialists in place of regular Disciples, new types of missions and much, much more! We will take a closer look at each of those new settlements soon!
We are so excited to not only „go deluxe” with this game, but also expand the gameplay and make the experience of Yedo better than ever before.
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