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Today in Poland we celebrate a holiday dedicated to Santa Claus name, during that day we like to exchange gifts among each other, and in the spirit of that holiday we have a gift for you as well! 2 discount codes to our webstore:
The first one is a 50% discount for those game and expansions: CODE: 3YLAU8S7
While the other is a 25% discount for our new titles like: CODE: MU93EL4A

Which games will you find with 25% discount?
All our new projects: Pocket Mars, SUPERHOT, SUPERHOT Game Mat

Which games will you find with 50% discount?
A LOT OF THEM! For Ecample all Mistfall products, Exodus, Progress, Cargotrain, 7 Ronin, The Exiled Siege Kickstarter edition, Dice Brewing, 3 Wishes, Ortus, Theomachie (GERMAN and POLISH Version)

Please remember abut our regular discounts in BIG Discounts category:

We hope, that this small gift will make your day better and that you will be able to get this special holiday spirit and mood that we have over here in Poland :) 

But keep in mind that this gift is limited by the time - those discount codes will be active until end of this Friday!


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