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Hello board game fans!

It is that time of week once again, when we’re sharing with you some Board&Dice news!

This time we will begin with huge request that we want to address! Two games, that we’re publishing have been nominated for the Golden Geek Award on BoardGameGeek website.

We’re honored and even more happy for being nominated, but if we were to get to the podium that would be simply amazing... So here it is the huge request that we have for you:

We ask for your help and hope you will gladly take on this simple task to head on the website and vote for A4 Quest in the Print&Play category and SUPERHOT The Card Game in SOLO Game category! Here is an quick explanation how to do it:

So now when we’re done with requests, a big dose of news we have this week!

In upcoming days Harvest Dice german edition (Würfelgemüse) will be available as well as INBETWEEN both german and english version!

How to get this games? Just please click ==>THIS LINK<== and order your copy. All games will be shipped up since 10th March.

Games are available in 2 languages: ENGLISH and GERMAN.

Both of those games are available already in our web store to pre-order

When it comes to INBETWEEN english edition, we have to give you heads up. Worldwide distribution ordered almost whole reprint and if you’re interested in this title you need to hurry up to secure your copy if you want to get them at our web store. The copies in pre-order are limited and will be gone soon.

We’re inviting you to check great deals in our web store as well, here are couple of examples:

There are even more great deals in our Board&Dice outlet category, the deals there are reaching even 50% discounts!

And we have special offer for our subscribers!

This code: 1nbetween1 gives you additional 5% discount. Please use it in your chart (code is active for ALL products for 1 week from today).







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