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Hello board game fans!

It's few days after Easter and we hope you have spent an amazing moment with your family and friends. You charged your batteries with positive energy to tackle the next part of 2018 with smile! We also hope you did take some board games, won few games, but most of all relaxed and took care of yourself

We have some fresh news for you!

    We have more and more positive feedback about Page Quest: Mythical Artifacts!

If somehow you missed our Kickstarter, we have good news - we will launch Pledge Manager with late pledge option in a week! So please stay tuned!

5minute Chase is an asymmetric, tile-laying game in which players use the same tiles differently but with separate objectives and win conditions. The game is played in real time – there are no turns and all players will be frantically trying to place tiles or tokens on the tiles. One or two players will take a role of runners, who have escaped from prison and are attempting to get back to their hideout, and the other player(s) will be hunters representing the detectives in pursuit. It's intense and fun game where each player feel the pressure of chasing or being chased.

Lately we have sent several DEMO reviewer copy of Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker! So soon we will have more chance to share with you all created videos!

And what is important, we have Kickstarter launch date! Its: 26.04.2018

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