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Hello Board&Dice Backers and Subscribers!

It’s time for another dose of information on what we’re doing and what’s going on in our headquarters.

It has been exactly a week since we’ve started our new project on Kickstarter called Page Quest: Season 1.

The game was founded in first 12 hours and since then together with our Backers we’re trying to reach next stretch goals!

It’s a big reason to celebrate, especially since this project is so unique.

Page Quest: Season 1 Kickstarter link:

The uniqueness in this project is the fact that we’re calling our product a board game TV show and all of you may take a part in creating first season for it! In this project you will have possibility to collect a professionally printed version of A4 Quest (available only in English version) along with subscription for Page Quest that will be published in Print and Play form (available in English, German, Polish and Spanish versions).

Another amazing thing in this game is the fact that you will receive first part of the game a week after the project is finished - It’s going to be the first episode of Page Quest: Mythical Artifacts.


This is what we managed to achieve in this project so far:

1. We’ve unlocked a 2 player mode! (Our first stretch goal)

2. We’re so close to unlocking next (5th) episode, we need to gather nearly $600 for that 

3. Next hero for A4 Quest was revealed and is free to download right away [LINK:] - and yes, this hero will be available in the printed version as well. 

4. First step to unlocking a social stretch goal was achieved so we’re getting closer for some new extra stuff in Page Quest.

So it’s 2 more intense weeks in front of us.

We hope, that during this time you will be active with us and maybe all of you could help us reach some more people with this amazing project.

There are several ways that you might help us.

Pledge the project

This is an obvious one that would help us a lot. If you choose to support us directly on Kickstarter, we will be honored - here’s a direct link to the project:


If you could simply follow this link and click the button called ‘Visit Project’:

Thanks to that, our project will gain more awareness on this website, which helps us reach even more backers that could be interested in our game.

Social Stretch Goal

Here are the 2 posts (on Twitter and Facebook) with the first briefing that we made public after all so more people can see the great story we want to build up in the game. And we need you to share them. If we reach the final window we will unravel the mystery equipment that will be delivered to you with the first adventure!

Facebook post CLICK HERE <-----

Twitter post CLICK HERE <-----

Sharing those not only help us reach more people, but also helps every single backer in reaching the unlocked content for the Page Quest for free.

Once again: thank you so much for being with us and any form of help you choose from the ones presented above will be greatly appreciated!
Everyone knows that in crowdfunded projects every type of help matters, not only supporting the project but helping us reach more people so we all help the project to get even more cool stuff for the same price. What you will get in return for all this help? Well we surely want to present you with the best quality product and we will do that!













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