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This month is very weird. I should have already prepared a list of things I need to take with me to Essen for Spiel: over 1000 things (not including games!) which we need to have in Hall 2. But not this year, not this year...
One thing remains the same, though. EXCITEMENT! This year's Spiel goes to digital and I'm really curious how this will turn out as we prepared for you 4 days full of demos!
Tekhenu, Tawantinsuyu, and Escape Tales: Children of Wyrmoods are already on Tabletopia, ready for Spiel. That's not all! On Sunday, you will be able to play our games from 2021 like Mandala Stones, Zapotec, and Origins.
Because of the digital nature of Spiel, this year for the first time we will be able to show you final versions of almost all our 2021 games! That's so cool, stressful, and exciting :D
How to join our demo sessions?
It's easy: just visit our Discord server (serving as our virtual booth) 15 min before the demo of your interest starts. There you will find a person (or more likely that person will find you!) from B&D who will take care of you and guide you to the correct channel or volunteer :)
Don't have time for demo but want to have a quick chat with us and talk about our new and upcoming games?
You are also very welcome! We prepared a short presentation (15-20 min) for such occasions for each game so any person from our team will be able to take you on the tour through any of our games :)
Sounds cool? (I hope so.) We can't wait to have a digital "hi5" soon!


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