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Author : Jonathan Favre-Godal
Illustrator : Steeve Augier
Small Game / 6+ / 15 min / 3 to 6 players

In this hilarious card game, players race to get rid of their cards so they can avoid the blame of owning the animal that pooped. Each game is as funny as it is fast; quickly find your card, be the first to throw it down, and then blame someone else! Was it YOUR cat that pooped in the living room? Because it wasn't my bunny!


Authors : Wilfried & Marie Fort
Illustrator : Gaelle Picard
Kid / 4+ / 15 min / 1 to 4 players

As a group, work together to help all the farm animals get back to their barns for the night before Mr. Wolf comes around! Keep an eye out for him as you flip over the animal tokens. Every time you find Mr. Wolf, he creeps one space closer, and every time you find a farm animal, try to remember which barn they belong to. Fill the barns before Mr. Wolf comes around to win!


Authorr : Claude Leroy
Illustrator : Steeve Augier
Euro / 7+ / 15 min / 2 players

This is a kangaroo game… not for Roo-kies! As a sport, these kangaroos like to rocket in the air, change sides, impersonate trampolines or punching balls. Be the best coach for your team and make them score to victory!


Authors : B. Ross / G. Strauss / I. Strauss
Family/ 6+ / 10 min / 2 to 4 players

Summer is here, it's hot, and the pool is calling your name. You decide to join in on the canon ball contest...but watch out! Too many swimmers and this wacky pool can easily spill over, tossing you and everyone else out. Make big splashes by propelling your teammates into the unsteady pool, and be the first to successfully land 3 divers in to win.


Authors : Roberto Fraga / Delphine Lemonnier
Illustrator : Stéphane Escapa
Family/ 8+ / 15 / 2 to 4 players

Stir up excitement in Dr. Beaker’s Laboratory! Flip a challenge card and race your opponents to match the formula. Using logic and your stirring rod, move the molecules into the right spots. Think ahead - the special rotating platform at the bottom of your beaker only allows them to move one-by-one. Unique game pieces add to the fun in this brainteasing logic race!


Author : Thierry Denoual
Small game / 5+ / 5-15 min / 1 player

Boxer wants to say hello to his friends before returning to his house. Help him find them! Connect the tiles in a grid of 3x3 or 4x4, to match the color pattern on the Challenge Card. Other versions available: cats, unicorns, robots.


Author : Kuraki Mura
Illustrator : Etienne Hebinger
Small game / 8+ / 20 min / 3 to 8 players

The Prince is looking for his Princess, but all the characters of the Court keep their identity secret and do not necessarily count on helping her. Take turns playing the Prince and investigate judiciously to disentangle the true from the false among the answers of your opponents ... unless they are your allies?


Author :  Bruno Cathala
Illustrator : Cyril Bouquet
Euro / 8+ / 20 min / 2 to 5 players

They arrive from the mountains, noisy and turbulent! Be carefull,  here are the giants! They too want to take advantage of the kingdoms under construction... but it will be at your expense...

"Age of giants" is an expansion for Kingdomino and Queendomino games. To be played, it requires to possess one or the other of these games, and allows in both cases, to be played from 2 up to 5 players.


Author : Peggy Brown
Illustrator : Gaelle Picard
Kid/ 3+ / 15 min / 1 to 4 players

It's harvest time on the carrot farm! All players must help the bunny pick the best carrots to bring home to his family plucking them from the box just like you would from the ground. Gather your harvest hoping that it will be enough to satisfy them all.


Author : Shuky
Illustrator : Gorobei
Family/ 7+ / 45 min / 1 to 4 players

A comic in which you are the hero in multiplayer, what do you think? You have certainly heard about the comics in which you are the hero ©, launched by Makaka Éditions in 2012. The collection already has 20 titles, in very different category.
Today, Makaka Éditions partners with Blue Orange to create "The game in which you are THE heroes". A cooperative comic in which each player has his own book, embodies one character with special powers, and progress along with the other players on islands full of adventures and brain twister. 


Authors : Bruno Cathala et Ludovic Maublanc
Illustrator : Sylvain Aublin
Euro / 8+ / 20 min / 2 to 4 players

At the head of your archaeological team, set up an expedition, and establish your camps to delineate areas of excavation. Your goal: to bring together the largest number of gold beetles to help unravel the mysteries of Scarabya.


Author : Reiner Knizia
Illustrator : Tomek Larek
Euro / 8+ / 60 min / 2 to 4 players

Even today the colonization of the Pacific Islands by the Polynesians remains a great mystery. And yet, it is aboard their hand-crafted boats that the Polynesians colonized the greater part of the islands and this over several thousand kilometers. In Blue Lagoon, each player manages a group of settlers that spread out on the islands of this new archipelago to discover its wealth and build villages. Smart placements and anticipation will be needed to win the game.


Authors : Corentin Lebrat et Ludovic Maublanc
Illustrator : Sylvain Aublin
Family / 6+ / 20 min / 2 to 4 players

Whoever knows how to best exploit the resources of the region will draw the most beautiful castle in the kingdom!



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