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Succession, is available for Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger, and Berserker in Black Desert Console through a free content update.

Succession is the ability to lay down your Awakening weapons and take up your original weapons with new skills and more powerful variations than you have in your pre-Awakening kit.  

The idea behind Succession started from a simple wish, to see a Warrior once again carrying his Longsword and Shield, or a Ranger once again embrace her arrows to rain down pain from the sky. Compared to combat in a class’s Awakened form, pre-Awakening combat already felt mostly complete and well constructed, but we wanted to go one step further and bring out the full potential of the pre-Awakening combat system. 

Adventurers can enjoy the Succession skills with the completion of certain quests for each class.  

A series of events are added to the world of Black Desert to celebrate the Succession update. Adventurers will get rewards such as additional battle EXP scroll, additional skill EXP scroll, gold bars, and advice of Valks, by simply leveling up and reaching to certain levels with Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger, or Berserker.

 In addition, Adventurers can have skill EXP buff by spotting the mystery knight. The mystery knight will be popping to the battleground randomly. You can get the buff for 3 hours by talking to him.  


Last but not least, Hot time event is back again. From midday to midnight on weekdays and all day long on weekends for two weeks after the update, Adventurers will get an additional 100% combat EXP and 30% skill EXP. If they are gathering, the drop rate of Hard/ Sharp Black Crystal Shards increases. 

Additionally, the developers behind Pearl Abyss´ battle royale game Shadow Arena sat down to answer community questions and reveal much of the game’s roadmap in a video. This video Q&A highlights many exciting changes that are in store for the free to play Battle Royale Hero brawler that is currently in early access on Steam.


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